1.1 Login

Brief description:

Get G-Net user Id after login, this Id will be used for all subsequent interfaces, G-Net user Id has an expiration time.

Request URL:

  • https://telopenapi.quanshi.com/tel-conference/deal/v1/loginAccount

Request method:


Request Parameter:

Parameter Name Required Type Description
userName Yes String G-Net user name
password Yes String G-Net user password

Request parameter example:


Curl Request:

curl -l -H "Content-type:application/json" -X POST -d '{"userName":"sina12@sina.com","password":"ABc@123"}' 
-k --cert /d/qs.deal.client_cert.pem --key /d/qs.deal.client_key.pem https://telopenapi.quanshi.com/tel-conference/deal/v1/loginAccount

Return parameter description:

Parameter Name Type Description
code Int Response Status value
msg String Error description
requestId String Request id, G-Net use this parameter to trace the request
userId Int G-Net User Id, used for all subsequent interfaces
validTime Int Valid duration, unit mins

Response Example

   "code" : 0,
   "msg" : "OK"
   "requestId" : "7bf63bab-5a00-fd0d-9d23-5cd102932b5a",
   "data" : {
        "userId" : 4307081,
        "validTime" : 480