1.3 Modify Meeting

Brief description:

Modify Meeting

Request URL:


Request method:


Request Parameter:

Parameter Name Required Type Description
confId Yes Int Meeting id, the only identification code to change meetings
userId Yes Int G-Net user Id
confName Yes String Meeting name
beginTime Yes String Meeting start time, format 2020-08-06 10:00:00
confDuration Yes String Meeting duration, meeting duration, unit hrs, format 01:30, max: 05:00 hrs
confConfig No Int Dialing settings: default 4
1 : When meeting starts, automatically call experts
2 : When consulting clients join meeting, automatically call experts
3 : When all consulting clients join meeting, automatically call experts
4: After confirmed with consulting clients, G-Net service calls experts
5 : Experts join meeting themselves
tapedMark No Int Auto recording (0: No, 2: Yes) default 0
notifyemail No Int Email notification (0: No, 1: Yes) default 0
notifysms No Int SMS notification (0: No, 1: Yes) default 0
joinLimit No Int Joining limit (0: All numbers can independently join meeting, 1: Only invited numbers can independently join meeting) default 0
radioConfig No Int Broadcast settings: default 0
0 : Don’t open broadcast
1 : Auto broadcast when experts and consulting clients join meeting
2 : Auto broadcast 5 minutes before the meeting ends
3 : Free control broadcast during meeting
partyList Yes Int Participant list, at least one expert is required

Parameters: partyList

Parameter Name Required Type Description
custName No String Name, if null, take phone number as the name
custType Yes Int Role (0 expert, 1 consulting client)
custEmail No String Mobile participant email
custTel Yes String Mobile number (not required for consulting client, required for expert)
custCountryCode No String Country code, default format “86”
custAreacode No String Area code (not required for mobile number)

Request parameter example

  "userId": 6135684,
  "confName": "",
  "beginTime": "2019-05-21 10:30:00",
  "confDuration": "02:00",
  "confConfig": 1,
  "tapedMark": 2,
  "notifyemail": 1,
  "notifysms": 1,
  "joinLimit": 0,
  "partyList": [
      "custType": 0,
      "custTel": "13700000000",
      "custCountryCode": "86",
      "custAreacode": "",
      "custName": "",
      "custEmail": ""
      "custType": 1,
      "custTel": "13711111111",
      "custCountryCode": "86",
      "custAreacode": "",
      "custName": "",
      "custEmail": ""

Curl Request:

curl -l -H "Content-type:application/json" -X POST -d '{"confId":834147,"userId":2258811,"confName":"test update meeting","beginTime":"2022-07-22 09:55:00","confDuration":"02:00","confConfig":1,"tapedMark":2,"notifyemail":1,"notifysms":1,"joinLimit":0,"partyList":[{"custType":0,"custTel":"13100000000","custCountryCode":"86","custAreacode":"","custName":"test","custEmail":""},{"custType":1,"custTel":"15600000000","custCountryCode":"86","custAreacode":"","custName":"test","custEmail":""}]}' -k --cert /d/cer/qs.deal.20220715/qs.deal.client_cert.pem --key /d/cer/qs.deal.20220715/qs.deal.client_key.pem https://telopenapi.quanshi.com/tel-conference/deal/v1/reservConference/update

Return parameter description:

Parameter Name Type Description
code Int Response Status value
msg String Error description
requestId String Request id, G-Net use this parameter to trace the request
confId Int G-Net Meeting id
confBillingCode String G-Net conference billingcode
chairmanPassword String Consulting client password
partyPassword String Expert password
monitorUrl String monitor link

Response example

  "code": 0,
  "msg": "Meeting scheduled",
  "requestId": "7bf63bab-5a00-fd0d-9d23-5cd102932b5a",
  "data": {
    "confId": "13679",
    "confBillingCode": "66455565",
    "chairmanPassword": "67764718",
    "partyPassword": "58825726"