Get the meeting list of a G-Net account

Brief description:

Get meeting list of a account on a special day.

Request URL:


Request method:


Request Parameter:

Parameter Name Required Type Description
beginTime Yes String Check date, format “2019-05-20”
userId Yes Int G-Net user Id

Return parameter description:

Parameter Name Type Description
code Int Response Status value
msg String Error description
requestId String Request id, G-Net use this parameter to trace the request
data JSON The detail data of response

Request parameter example

"beginTime": "2019-05-20",
"userId": 6135684

Curl Request:

curl -l -H "Content-type:application/json" -X POST 
-d '{"userId":2258811, "beginTime":"2022-07-01"}' -k --cert /d/cer/ --key /d/cer/

Return parameter data description:

Parameter Name Type Description
confId Int Meeting id
confName String Meeting name
confBillingCode String Meeting billingcode
accountCode String Client number
confCreater String Creator name
beginTime String Meeting start time
endTime String Meeting end time
confDuration Int Meeting duration
confConfig Int Dialing settings: default 4
1 : When meeting starts, automatically call experts
2 : When consulting clients join meeting, automatically call experts
3 : When all consulting clients join meeting, automatically call experts
4: After confirmed with consulting clients, G-Net service calls experts
5 : Experts join meeting themselves
tapedMark Int Auto recording (0: No, 2: Yes) default 0
confStatus Int Meeting status (0, 5: not started; 1: in progress; 2: ended; 4: interval; 3: canceled)
chairmanPassword String Consulting client password
partyPassword String Expert password
createTime String Creation time
createrTel String Creator phone number
bridgeName String Platform (summit platform)
ifMail Int Email notification (0: No, 1: Yes) default 0
ifSms Int SMS notification (0: No, 1: Yes) default 0
ifLimitParty Int Joining limit (0: All numbers can independently join meeting, 1: Only invited numbers can independently join meeting)
partyMinutes Int Expert online duration
radioConfig Int Broadcast settings: default 0
0 : Don’t open broadcast
1 : Auto broadcast when experts and consulting clients join meeting
2 : Auto broadcast 5 minutes before the meeting ends
3 : Free control broadcast during meeting

Response example

  "code": 0,
  "msg": "Query meeting succeeded",
  "requestId": "7bf63bab-5a00-fd0d-9d23-5cd102932b5a",
  "data": [
      "confId": 13673,
      "confName": "",
      "confCreater": "",
      "beginTime": "2019-04-10 10:30:00",
      "confDuration": 270,
      "endTime": "2019-04-10 15:00:00",
      "confConfig": 3,
      "tapedMark": 0,
      "confStatus": 2,
      "confHandleStatus": 0,
      "confBillingcode": "66455562",
      "chairmanPassword": "98118195",
      "partyPassword": "93598570",
      "accountBillingcode": "6135684",
      "accountCode": "150023",
      "createTime": "2019-04-10 10:14:38",
      "createrTel": "13001019007",
      "bridgeName": "summit1",
      "ifMail": 0,
      "ifSms": 0,
      "ifLimitParty": 1,
      "partyMinutes": 0,
      "radioConfig": 1