2.6 Batch Change Participant Role

Brief description:

Interface of batch changing participant role

Request URL:


Request method:


Request Parameter:

Parameter Name Required Type Description
confId Yes Int G-Net meeting id
userId Yes Int G-Net user Id
role Yes Int New roles, 1: Consulting clients, 0: Consultants
partyList Yes List Participants list

partyList description:

Parameter Name Required Type Description
custId Yes Long Client id
partyId No String partyId in acm should be empty without joining the meeting, and should be filled if it’s changed under online status

Request parameter example

  "confId": 13679,
  "userId": 6135684,
  "role": 1,
  "partyList": [
      "custId": 109217,
      "partyId": "1614837397108YY10004"
      "custId": 109215,
      "partyId": ""

Curl Request:

curl -l -H "Content-type:application/json" -X POST -d '{"userId":2258811, "confId":833045, "role":1,"partyList":[{"custId":8416427}]}' -k --cert /d/cer/qs.deal.20220715/qs.deal.client_cert.pem --key /d/cer/qs.deal.20220715/qs.deal.client_key.pem https://telopenapi.quanshi.com/tel-conference/deal/v1/conference/updateRole

Return parameter description:

Parameter Name Type Description
code Int Response Status value
msg String Error description
requestId String Request id, G-Net use this parameter to trace the request

Response example

"code": 0 ,
"requestId" : "7bf63bab-5a00-fd0d-9d23-5cd102932b5a"