3.1 Batch Add Contact

Brief description:

• Batch add contact, this function is increment import, and the max import per time is 500 contacts • Export includes failure list, return failure reason, as well as failed contacts • The number is unique, if the imported numbers already exist, then the newly imported information (including group information) will replace the previous information

Request URL:


Request method:


Request Parameter:

Parameter Name Required Type Description
addressList Yes arrayList Participant list of contacts can be null, max 500
userId Yes Int G-Net user Id, currently it must be super admin of the application manager

Parameters addressList

Parameter Name Required Type Description
depName Yes arrayList Department information, full department, separate with “/”, for example: “G-Net Co., Ltd./R&D Department/Teleconference Group
contactName Yes String Name
contactEmail No String Mobile participant email
contactPhone Yes String Mobile number
contactCountry Yes String Country code, format e.g. “86”, digits below 8, first digit can’t be 0
contactAreaCode No String Area code (mobile number excluded), digits below 8

Request parameter example

  "userId": 6135684,
  "addressList": [
      "depName": "",
      "contactName": "",
      "contactEmail": "",
      "contactPhone": "13700000000",
      "contactCountry": "86",
      "contactAreaCode": ""

Curl Request:

 curl -l -H "Content-type:application/json" -X POST -d '{"userId":2258811, "addressList":[{"depName":"ceshi","contactName":"mike","contactEmail":"","contactPhone":"15600000000","contactCountry":"86","contactAreaCode":""}]}' -k --cert /d/cer/qs.deal.20220715/qs.deal.client_cert.pem --key /d/cer/qs.deal.20220715/qs.deal.client_key.pem https://telopenapi.quanshi.com/tel-conference/deal/v1/address/create

Return parameter description:

Parameter Name Type Description
code Int Response Status value
msg String Error description
requestId String Request id, G-Net use this parameter to trace the request
data Json the detail data of response

Return data parameter description:

Parameter Name Type Description
successNum Int Successful import quantity
failedNum Int Failure quantity
failedList arrayList Failure list

Parameters failedList

Parameter Name Type Description
depName String Department Information
contactName String Name
contactEmail String Mobile participant email
contactPhone String Mobile number
contactCountry String Country code
contactAreaCode String Area code (mobile number excluded)
remarks String Import errors,:
1:Department missing,
2:Name missing,
3:Phone number or email missing, can’t be null both
4:Incorrect country code format (must be numbers; first digit can’t be 0; digits below 8)
5:Incorrect area code format (must be numbers; digits below 8)
6:Incorrect phone number format (must be numbers)
7:Area code missing (non-Chinese mobile number, area code can’t be null),8:Incorrect email format

Response example

  "code": 0,
  "msg": "Address Create Succeeded",
  "requestId": "7bf63bab-5a00-fd0d-9d23-5cd102932b5a",
  "data": {
    "successNum": "10",
    "failed": "0",
    "failedList": []