3.Response Status value List

code Description
0 Operation succeeded
-1 Operation failed
1 Meeting hasn’t started
2 Meeting ended
3 Meeting deleted
4 [XXX] does not exist
100 Null request parameter
101 No valid user matched
102 Site verification failed
103 Incorrect username
104 Incorrect password
105 Incorrect username or password
106 User does not exist
107 Login failed
108 Failed to encrypt and decrypt username and password
109 Conversation timed out
110 Null reserved meeting parameter
111 Reserved meeting time earlier than current time
112 Incorrect duration format
113 Incorrect meeting time format
114 Participant phone number and name can’t be null both
115 Participant phone number and email can’t be null both
116 Country code should be numbers
117 Area code should be numbers
118 Phone number should be numbers
119 Expert’s phone number can’t be null
120 Participant’s area code can’t be null
121 Illegal recording options
201 Phone number existed, unable to change
202 Name existed, unable to change
203 Phone number has joined meeting, unable to change number
204 Repeated number
301 No meeting reports
302 No meeting recordings
310 Phone number list exceeds limit
130 Request parameter error
312 Null import list
137 Import list exceeds limit 500